About Our Unique Aircraft

Antilles Seaplanes LLC has put together an outstanding team of highly-experienced individuals in all aspects of the operation-design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, finance, and flight operations. The company is operating from facilities in the North Carolina-Triad area, with facilities equaling more than 100,000 square feet.

Antilles Seaplanes, LLC is the proud owner of the McKinnon G-21G type certificate. As type certificate owner, by using this approved data, we will be able to produce brand new certified G-21G Super Gooses.

Furthermore, all of the best STC modifications & improvements that have been developed for Goose series aircraft over the last 70 years are being incorporated into our construction & assembly process. This means that when you buy a new Antilles Goose, you will get a proven design which is safer, stronger, lighter, more dependable, easier to maintain, with a 100% COMPLETELY NEW AIRFRAME!

In addition, water-jet, CNC machining, CAD engineering & design, modern epoxy primers & sealers, along with a host of other technical improvements, turn the time tested Goose design into what will simply be the best seaplane ever built… bar none!

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